Career Coaching

We provide a 5-stage career coaching process. This process facilitates the client to awaken a deep insight into their relationship with their career, followed by a series of motivating and solution focused steps, to achieve meaningful career change.
We will explore your values around work, your needs, wants and wishes regarding your career, and work together to create a structured action plan to achieve your career goals. Each session will utilise a range of tools to help facilitate insight and forward momentum. In addition, each session will result in the client having to take on a new piece of developmental work in advance of any subsequent sessions. This developmental work builds on the work done within the confines of the coaching session and will aid you in achieving your career goals.
Career coaching can be an exciting and challenging process and it involves the 100% commitment of clients in order to receive full benefit and achieve their goals.


CV review & support

CV’s remain an essential tool in the career change process hence, the importance of review cannot be underestimated. A CV does not just serve as a chronology of your previous work/ duties and existing skillset. In fact, we like to think of a CV as an important business brochure that can demonstrate how your unique blend of skills and knowledge can benefit a potential employer.
The jobs market has become an increasingly challenging space and each of us needs to make sure that we create a strong and definitive self-brand to get noticed and attract the right job opportunities.
Clients can avail of a full CV review service. This involves the CV undergoing an examination. We will pose challenging questions and offer recommendations on changes to be made to the CV in order to make it more impactful and fit better with the type of role/sector that is of interest to you. Once you have completed updates/changes the CV will be reviewed again by us for any final comments and changes.


Interview Coaching

This is probably the aspect of the recruitment and selection process that people dread. However, we need to reframe our thinking around interviews and see it as a positive and valuable opportunity to demonstrate our unique offering.
You will be supported to develop critical skills in effective presentation, understanding how body language and vocal tone impact our message and develop strategies to handle complicated questions. Again, we will pose challenging coaching questions to tackle perhaps unhelpful thinking surrounding  your beliefs and understanding of interviews, all with a view to increasing confidence and improve performance at the interview.


Psychometric Assessments available at Future Careers


Our founder Kieran is a practitioner of  Strengths Profile and EQ-i 2.0  He is accredited to issue the various Strengths Profile and EQ-i 2.0 assessments to clients and provide debrief coaching sessions on the results.

As part of his suite of services he offers Strengths Profile and EQ-i 2.0 to both individuals and companies. There are a variety of assessments available. These assessments vary depending on the focus of the project.

Strengths Profile Assessment

Strengths Profile Logo

Strengths Profile is an online assessment tool that was developed by Capp & Co Ltd in 2009. The purpose of Strengths Profile is to support both individuals and teams to generate a greater understanding of their strengths, develop them further, overcome barriers and unlock potential so they can bring their best selves forward.
If we work from our strengths instead of our weaknesses, we are happier, perform better and engage more effectively in our work.
There are many benefits to both individuals and companies when we engage and work with each other from strengths-based approaches.

Individual benefits from a strengths-based approach include

• Less stress
• Better work engagement
• More resilience
• Achievement of goals
• Happiness
• Flourishing

Research has shown that when companies engage with employees from a strengths-based approach employees are

• Happier
• More confident
• Possess higher levels of self-esteem
• Higher levels of energy and vitality
• Less stressed
• More resilient
• More likely to achieve their goals
• Perform better at work
• Better engaged at work
• More effective in terms of their own development

Strengths Profile tests available at Future Careers

• Introductory Profile & Expert Profiles are useful for individuals
• Team profile suitable for both teams and managers to understand the realised and unrealised strengths of teams and foster better team engagement.
• Manger tests-provides details on the realised and unrealised strengths of team members and recommendations on how to manage each team member from their own unique strengths’ combinations.

EQ-i 2.0 Workplace and Leadership assessments

eqi-2.0 logo

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I 2.0) is a leading assessment tool designed to assess emotional and social intelligence. It provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of their emotional competencies.

How can EQ-i 2.0 benefit me?

EQ-i2.0 provides you with an in-depth picture of how you operate emotionally, your strengths and will also help you identify areas for development. Each client who takes EQ-i 2.0 receives a comprehensive de-brief coaching session, to explore the results, strengths and areas of further development. The results and subsequent de-brief sessions, supports the creation of an action plan to work on areas of development that builds greater emotional intelligence (EQ) and overall effectiveness.

How do I take the test?

Firstly, you will need to contact us to discuss the test in greater detail as well as discuss your own specific reasons for taking the test. Once we have had an initial discussion with you and you are happy to take the test we will need to gather some basic details in order to administer the assessment to you.

The assessment tool is delivered online using a secure platform and involves responding to 133 statements. The time to complete is  approximately 20 minutes.

For organisations wishing to deploy this as part of recruitment/selection, individual employee or leadership development we would be delighted to discuss your project and your options with EQ-i 2.0,  EQ-i 2.0 Leadership.

( Details of the reports are outlined below)

What assessment options are available?

There are three distinct reports available.

Workplace Report

This report outlines an individual’s score in the 15 competencies measured by EQ-i 2.0. These competencies are grouped under 5 composite scales: Self- Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management.

The Workplace report is particularly useful for:

  • Individual Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Career Coaching/ Counselling/ Outplacement Services
  • Leadership Report

    The Leadership Report, measures clients against top leaders on four key dimensions: Authenticity, Coaching, Insight and Innovation providing an important benchmark for EQ performance.

    The Leadership report is particularly useful for:

    • Leadership development
    • Executive development and coaching
    • Developing high potential leaders