The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I 2.0) – EQ 360 report & EQ 360 Leadership report




EQ-i 2.0, Leadership assessment 360

This builds on the Leadership Report  providing a multi-rater perspective on a client’s emotional intelligence across the various EQ scales explored.  The client’s own self- rated scores are compared against the ratings  provided by those who work with them or have to report to them. This provides valuable insight and increases self-awareness on the client’s emotional functioning by evaluating the ratings of colleagues against the client’s own impressions.

How can EQ-i 2.0 benefit me?

EQ-i2.0 provides you with an in-depth picture of how you operate emotionally, your strengths and will also help you identify areas for development. Each client who takes EQ-i 2.0 receives a comprehensive de-brief coaching session, to explore the results, strengths and areas of further development. The results and subsequent de-brief sessions, supports the creation of an action plan to work on areas of development that builds greater emotional intelligence (EQ) and overall effectiveness.