Strengths Profile – Expert


Expert Profile including assessment and debrief coaching session


Strengths Profile is an online assessment tool that was developed by Capp & Co Ltd in 2009. The purpose of Strengths Profile is to support both individuals and teams to generate a greater understanding of their strengths, develop them further, overcome barriers and unlock potential so they can bring their best selves forward.
If we work from our strengths instead of our weaknesses, we are happier, perform better and engage more effectively in our work.
There are many benefits to both individuals and companies when we engage and work with each other from strengths-based approaches.



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The Strengths Profile (Expert), includes everything from the Introductory profile plus,

  • Your Strengths across all four quadrants where you can see the full range of strengths across the 60 defined strengths measured in Strengths Profile. The four quadrants being ‘Realised Strengths’, ‘Unrealised Strengths’, ‘Learned Behaviors’ and ‘Weaknesses’
  • Your blend of strengths are also showcased across the 5 Strengths Families of ‘Being’, ‘Communicating’, ‘Motivating’, ‘Relating’ and ‘Thinking’.
  • The Optional Career guide is included which reveals 8 recommended job sectors based on your strengths.

Individual benefits from a strengths-based approach include

  • Less stress
  • Better work engagement
  • More resilience
  • Achievement of goals
  • Happiness
  • Flourishing

Research has shown that when companies engage with employees from a strengths-based approach employees are

  • Happier
  • More confident
  • Possess higher levels of self-esteem
  • Higher levels of energy and vitality
  • Less stressed
  • More resilient
  • More likely to achieve their goals
  • Perform better at work
  • Better engaged at work
  • More effective in terms of their own development

Strengths Profile tests available at Future Careers

• Introductory Profile & Expert Profiles are useful for individuals
• Team profile suitable for both teams and managers to understand the realised and unrealised strengths of teams and foster better team engagement.
• Manger tests-provides details on the realised and unrealised strengths of team members and recommendations on how to manage each team member from their own unique strengths’ combinations.