Package 5:CV review/editing, Strengths Profile, Interview Coaching


 CV writing & review, interview preparation and Strengths Profile (Expert Profile Assessment). Please note this package does not involve coaching.



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This is a very practical online offering from Future Careers. Clients can avail of our full CV consultation service which consists of 1 consultation session followed by support to develop 2 drafts that will result in the final CV document being issued to you.

You will be provided access to the  powerful assessment that is Strengths Profile. We will offer the Expert Assessment which will measure you against the 60 defined strengths that make up Strengths Profile. The assessment and subsequent debrief will help you to develop a deeper insight into your unique blend of realised and unrealised strengths. We will support to get to a deeper level of understanding about your strengths and through your Strengths Profile results help you articulate these new strength insights into your CV and interview preparations.

Finally this package gives you access The interview element of this package provides you with 1 interview coaching session followed by a practice interview following an interview scenario designed specifically for the role and industry of interest to you. On completion of your practice interview a detailed Interview Feedback Report will developed providing you with more detailed feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

A flexible payment plan is available for this package.