Package 2 : Career Coaching and CV review/editing


Career Coaching x 5 including CV support & review session.


Before you purchase this package please be sure that you have had your free 30 minute consultation with Future Careers. Book your consultation here



Our Career Coaching and CV package provides you with all 5 career coaching sessions as per package 1 but, also access to a CV consultation and support to update and edit your CV.

The Career Coaching element of this package will focus on helping you gain clarity on your next steps helping you to establish and pursue your unique career goal(s).

The dedicated consultation session on your CV provides a a focused conversation on your current CV where we review it line by line or help you to design a new CV from scratch. We work with you to develop your CV through support and editing. We will work on bringing your CV through two separate drafts to create a final document that best showcases your unique offering.

A flexible payment plan is available for this package.

Career Coaching x 5 including CV support & review session.