Interview Skills Coaching (delivered online only)


Two interview coaching sessions focused on developing critical skills to improve interview performance. A mock interview session is also provided to facilitate further practice.



This package involves 2 sessions. We explore with clients their concerns around interviews and how to develop confidence in this important part of the recruitment and selection process.  The session covers critical interview preparation what do you need to be doing as you navigate the labour market.  We cover elements such as body language both for in-person and video conferencing interview. We will work on typical questions and role specific questions to help the you get a handle on various styles of questions that may arise at interview

The second session comprises of a full mock interview with feedback on overall performance and responses to each question. The interview will based on an interview scenario specifically designed to the role and industry of interest to you. On completion of your practice interview a detailed Interview Feedback Report will developed providing you with more detailed feedback and suggestions for further improvement.