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Future Careers is a career coaching and mentoring service located in Mallow, Cork. Our mission is to support those in work, re-evaluate their careers, and set meaningful goals to transform their work life into one that fits them better and offers greater purpose and meaning.

The founder, Kieran Butler, is passionate about supporting people’s career progression. He has gained vast experience providing community-based career coaching and employment supports in the non-profit/social enterprise sector. During this time he has worked with many people from diverse industries and backgrounds, who are looking to transition their careers into new sectors, return to work after a period of absence, explore options to have a better work/life balance, find employment that offers greater opportunity for progression or greater flexibility & autonomy.

Whether you are a person at the early stage of your career or have been in the workforce for many years, we are here to help tap into what is important to you, and to help you create a career plan that is built around your own unique knowledge, insight and goals.