There are a number of packages available at Future Careers. Clients can avail of 5 packages or can avail of optional career-based services outlined below under the heading ‘Additional service options.’ In addition, a client who chooses a package can request an add on be included e.g. Strengths Profile assessment & debrief for an additional cost.

Packages 1, 2, 3 can all be made available via Skype/Zoom. A 10% discount will apply to clients who choose to avail of coaching through Skype/Zoom.

Package 1

Standard package Career coaching x 5 sessions

Coaching sessions are available face to face, Skype or Zoom. Where possible it is preferable to have the first session face to face, with subsequent sessions being a combination of all three as agreed with coach and client.

€300 (in person) €270( Skype/Zoom)

Package 2

Career Coaching x 5 including CV support & review

€350 (in person) €315 (Skype/Zoom)

Package 3

Career coaching x 5 including CV writing & review and interview preparation

 €440 ( in person) € 396 ( Skype/Zoom)

Package 4

Careers coaching x 6, CV writing & review, Interview preparation & practice, Strengths profile assessment- includes an additional coaching session to provide an assessment debrief  (available in person or Skype/Zoom)

€615 (includes Standard Strengths Profile Report)
€635 (includes Expert Strengths Profile Report)

Package 5

CV review & update, Interview preparation and Strengths Profile Psychometric (Expert Profile), a total of 3 sessions. (This package does not include coaching.)

€325  (available in person or Skype/Zoom)

Additional service options

N.B. These options can be included if not part of a package or can be chosen as the sole service which the client wishes to purchase.

CV assessment, review and update (1 consultation meeting regarding CV)


Interview preparation (2 x  1.5hrs coaching session focused on interview technique and practice)


Strengths Profile Assessment

Introductory Profile including assessment and debrief coaching session


Expert Profile including assessment and debrief coaching session


EQi-2.0, EQ- i 360, Leadership & Group reports

For organisaitons interested in utilizing EQi-2.0, EQ-i 360, Leaderhip and/ Group assessments for recruitment/selection, leadership development, team effecetiveness please contact us to have an in-depth conversation on your project aims. We would be delighted to discuss your specific project and how we may be able to support you and design a suitably priced package to meet your needs.

EQ-i 2.0 is available to individual clients

Workplace report ( Individual)


Leadership report (Individual)


EQ 360 report & EQ 360 Leadership report