Coaching Psychology

Coaching Psychology has been defined by Cox, Bachkirova, & Clutterbuck, (2013) as a ‘human development process that involves structured, focused interaction and the use of appropriate strategies, tools and techniques to promote desirable and sustainable change.
Coaching is a powerful vehicle that facilitates increased performance, assists in achieving results and helps to optimize personal effectiveness. The impact of coaching is becoming increasingly recognised and is being deployed across companies and public bodies to develop their employees and maximise performance. In terms of the individual, coaching can enable the flourishing of clients to achieve their goals on both a professional and personal basis.

In the context of Career coaching specifically its focus is to support clients to achieve a range of career orientated goals including:

  • Career decision making
  • Workplace performance
  • Moving up in an organisation or profession
  • Career transition moving from one choice of work/industry to another
  • Job hunting strategies
  • Planning for retirement and the end of paid work.


It’s important to note if you are considering career coaching to understand what career coaching does not do:

  • Career coaching does not act as a recruitment agency
  • Career coaching will not find you a job
  • Career coaching will not tell what job you should take